Experience the verdant breath of spring in Sendai at "Mori no Mirai Sendai 2023"

I visited the 40th National Urban Greening Sendai Fair "Mori no Mirai Sendai 2023 Feel Green!" held in Sendai City, showcasing the charm of a city surrounded by greenery.


Fair's Purpose and Duration

The "Sendai's Future Forest 2023" held in Sendai City aims to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge about urban greening, with the cooperation of the national and local governments, and the private sector. The event takes place from April 26, 2023 (Wednesday) to June 18, 2023 (Sunday)!

For more information, please visit the "Sendai's Future Forest 2023" official website.

Atmosphere of the Main Venue, Aobayama Park Oimawari District

The main venue, Aobayama Park Oimawari District, is a park surrounded by lush greenery, and the fresh greenery of spring creates a beautiful landscape. During the fair, many people visited and the atmosphere was lively.

Observing the Green Stage

At the large flower bed, various flowers, Sendai Tanabata Festival streamers, and the statue of Date Masamune could be seen, all of which were appealing elements that made the venue feel like Sendai.

Also, you can see cute exhibition flower beds.

In the food and beverage booths, you can enjoy meals and drinks while appreciating flowers and greenery, which is an attractive activity for foreign visitors to Japan as well.

This fair is a wonderful event where you can experience the charm of Sendai City, which aims to create a green and rich city, and it can be enjoyed by many foreign visitors to Japan. When visiting Sendai City, be sure to enjoy this fair where you can experience the beautiful nature of Japan along with local culture and history.

Furthermore, access to Sendai Castle Ruins, a tourist attraction in Sendai City, is also good, so you can enjoy the surrounding tourist spots when visiting the fair. You can experience the beauty of Japanese tradition and nature while strolling around Sendai City.

In conclusion, "Sendai's Future Forest 2023" was a fair where you could feel the charm of a green and lush city. It is an event recommended not only for domestic visitors but also for foreign visitors to Japan, and we hope that many people can share this wonderful experience. We look forward to the next event.

Website (source)「Sendai's Future Forest 2023」Official Website
OrganizerSendai City, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Urban Greening Organization
Event DurationApril 26, 2023 (Wednesday) to June 18, 2023 (Sunday)
Main VenueAobayama Park Oimawari District Venue
Access to Main VenueTake the subway Tozai Line from "Sendai Station" to "International Center Station" (3rd stop) and walk about 6 minutes from Exit South 1

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