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Before using any content, features, or applications related to the inbound regional media "NODE SENDAI" (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"), please read these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") in advance.By using the Site, users are deemed to have accepted the application of these Terms and to have agreed to comply with these Terms.

1. Introduction

The Site aims to share recommended tourist spots and local information for domestic and inbound travelers and convey the appeal of Sendai City to people around the world. The main service provided is various types of content.

2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Content on the Site may be protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. Users must comply with and maintain all copyright notices, information, and restrictions contained in the content accessed through the Site.

3. Prohibited Actions

Users are prohibited from engaging in any actions that fall under or may potentially fall under the following categories:

  • Actions that violate these Terms
  • Actions that violate laws or are related to criminal acts
  • Actions that are deemed inappropriate by social norms
  • Actions that are contrary to public order and morals
  • Actions that infringe upon intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, reputation, or other rights or interests
  • Actions that may hinder the operation of the Site, such as unauthorized access or impersonating a third party

4. Disclaimer

  • The Site does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or completeness of the content or services provided. Although we strive to publish accurate content, the accuracy may be affected by factors such as information updates and the precision of AI translation tools.
  • The Site bears no responsibility for the content of external sites linked from the Site.
  • The Site makes no guarantees regarding the resolution of any trouble arising from the use of the Site by users.

5. Suspension, Termination, and Modification of the Site

In the event that it becomes necessary to suspend or terminate the Site, the Site may suspend the Site for a certain period or completely terminate it without prior notice to users. The Site may change, discontinue, or modify all or part of the Site's content, layout, and other technical specifications without prior notice to users, regardless of the reason. The Site bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by users due to measures taken by the Site.

6. Advertisements and Affiliate Programs

Advertisements may be displayed on the Site. Users agree to accept information and promotions related to advertisements. Additionally, the Site may participate in affiliate programs and introduce products or services through affiliate links. Users understand and agree that the Site may receive compensation through affiliate programs.

7. Changes to the Terms of Use

The Site reserves the right to change these Terms as necessary. If changes are made, the latest Terms will be published on the Site, and the last updated date will be updated. By continuing to use the Site after changes have been made, users agree to the revised Terms.

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