Let's take a peek at the charms of Sendai.

    AobaThings To Do

The sacred land of Sendai Toshogu Shrine, where cherry blossoms flourish.

    MiyaginoThings To Do

Rediscover the charm of the sea! "Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium"

    AobaThings To Do


    AobaThings To Do

Sendai's Winter Night Fantasy - Sendai Pageant of Starlight

    TaihakuThings To Do

The Brocade Autumn of Akiu Great Falls


The Finest Beef Tongue Swaying in Charcoal Flames: "Gyutan Yaki Specialist Shop, Tsukasa"



Let's plan the best trip with Sendai's inbound tourism media "NODE SENDAI".

"NODE SENDAI" is an inbound tourism media specializing in regional information for Miyagi Prefecture's Sendai City, aimed at visitors to Japan. It seeks to convey the allure of Sendai, a central city representing the Tohoku region of Japan, to the world, and broadcasts information to connect many people with Sendai. "NODE SENDAI" publishes recommended tourist spots and local information in a web magazine format. Please access it and take the first step towards an amazing Sendai experience.

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Who is behind the creation of "NODE SENDAI"?

"NODE SENDAI" is developed and operated by a solo developer based in Sendai. The developer loves Sendai and created "NODE SENDAI" with the hope of introducing more people to the city and contributing to the revitalization of the local community. Although the media platform is still in its growth phase, the developer is considering expanding its content and features over time. It would be appreciated if you could occasionally visit and support the project. (Engineer with a domestic travel business management certification)

NODE SENDAI - Sendai Inbound Tourism Media

"NODE SENDAI" is an inbound tourism media that specializes in providing local information on Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, for visitors to Japan.

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