The Brocade Autumn of Akiu Great Falls

Akiu Great Falls is characterized by its magnificent scenery with a drop of 55 meters and a width of 6 meters. It changes its appearance with each season, and its beauty is especially pronounced during the autumn foliage season. It is also known as a mystical spot that energizes those who visit.


A Trip to Akiu Great Falls

Akiu Great Falls is located in Akiu Town, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. Situated within the Zao Quasi-National Park, this waterfall is part of the upper Natori River and offers a magnificent view with a drop of 55 meters and a width of 6 meters. Nearby tourist spots include the Lover's Sanctuary Raikoukyo and Akiu Onsen, one of the three famous hot springs of Oshu, where you can stay.

This time, it took about an hour to reach Akiu Great Falls by bus from Sendai Station. Note that the bus only operates on Saturdays and holidays and can get crowded during the tourist season. It is also recommended to rent a car and enjoy a leisurely trip to Akiu Great Falls.

Upon arriving at the bus stop for Akiu Great Falls around lunchtime, we first satisfied our hunger. There are several eateries in the area where you can enjoy local flavors.

On this day, we ate grilled ayu (sweetfish) from a stall and then had curry over soba and beef curry at a restaurant named "Oyasumidokoro Fudoan." The warm curry was delicious in the slightly chilly season.

Experiencing the Magnificent Waterfall and the Beauty of Autumn Leaves

There are two spectacular viewpoints at Akiu Great Falls. The first is "Takimidai," where you can look down at the waterfall. It's easily accessible, about 5 minutes from the bus stop and parking lot, with breathtaking views.

The second is the "Waterfall Basin." If traveling by car, it's recommended to return to the parking lot from Takimidai and then drive to the Waterfall Basin parking lot before descending. There is a trail from Takimidai to the Waterfall Basin, but it's steeper than expected, so if you're walking, it's a good idea to wear comfortable clothes. It took about 20 minutes to reach the Waterfall Basin while enjoying the scenery along the mountain trail.

The view of Akiu Great Falls up close is magnificent, and you can feel the negative ions from the water spray. The autumn foliage season is particularly beautiful, and the contrast between the powerful flow of the waterfall and the autumn leaves is breathtaking.

Akiu Great Falls offers visitors a pleasant natural walk. After exploring Akiu Great Falls a little away from downtown Sendai, why not relax in a hot spring?

AddressAkiu Town, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Baba Akiu Great Falls
AccessMiyagi Kotsu JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Terminal No. 8 to Akiu Great Falls, get off at Akiu Great Falls. Operates on Saturdays and holidays only.

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