Enjoy a heavenly dish at HACHI, the hamburger and Neapolitan restaurant

If you're looking for delicious hamburgers and Neapolitan pasta in Sendai, you can't miss Restaurant HACHI! Located near Sendai Station, enjoy tasty dishes and a great time at this restaurant.


Japan's Best Neapolitan Pasta

The other day, I visited Hamburger Restaurant HACHI (Sendai Station branch) and ordered a hamburger Neapolitan pasta and a draft beer. The hamburger was so juicy that the meat juice overflowed, and the Neapolitan pasta had an exquisite, chewy texture. I also recommend the shrimp tempura Neapolitan pasta and strawberry cream soda. The shrimp was surprisingly large, with a crispy coating and a delightfully plump texture inside. Adding Tabasco to the Neapolitan pasta created a new, enjoyable flavor.

The Charm of HACHI

The appeal of Hamburger Restaurant HACHI goes beyond just delicious food. The atmosphere inside is cozy, and the staff's service is excellent. Another attraction is its location, as it is inside Sendai Station, making it popular among tourists and locals alike. The delicious food and lovely atmosphere attract many people, resulting in a high number of repeat customers. Be sure to savor the delicious dishes at Hamburger Restaurant HACHI when you visit Sendai.

For more information about the restaurant, please check the official website.

NameHACHI (Sendai Station branch)
Address1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, JR Sendai Station 3F
Access0 minutes on foot from JR ticket gates

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