Surrounded by fresh greenery, Jozenji-dori and Koutoudai Park

Jozenji-dori is a representative walking path in Sendai City, with a beautiful street surrounded by greenery. On the other hand, Koutoudai Park is a beloved urban oasis where you can enjoy the scenery of each season.


Strolling Path in the City of Trees
When visiting Jozenji-dori, the fresh greenery was pleasing to the eye, and I felt healed just by strolling through the dappled sunlight. There are various shops and cafes around, allowing you to enjoy shopping and dining. At Koutoudai Park, I was able to take a break on a bench after walking and enjoy the scenery of each season.

Visiting Jozenji-dori and Koutoudai Park during the fresh green season allows you to experience the charm of the natural Zelkova tree-lined streets. In the fall, there is a jazz festival where music lovers gather, and in the winter, you can see the trees adorned with illuminations for the Pageant of Light. I will cover these attractions in future articles as well. As a tourist spot where you can experience Japan's four seasons throughout the year, it is recommended for foreign visitors.

AccessNear "Koutoudai Koen Station" on Sendai City Subway Namboku Line

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