Taste the ingredients of 227 towns and villages in Tohoku at the green oasis: Route 227s' cafe TOHOKU by humming bird

Located in a corner of Koutoudai Park in Sendai City is the cafe, Route 227s' cafe TOHOKU by humming bird. You can enjoy cafe meals while experiencing the changing seasons. The freshness of the ingredients, the daily whimsical menu, and the perfect combination with the lush green park make it charming.


Enjoying Cafe Food in a Pleasant Space Woven by Gourmet and Nature

I visited during spring. The fresh greenery of Sendai painted the park, and my time here was perfect for calming my mind and refreshing myself. The quality of the cuisine is of course guaranteed, being part of the humming bird chain.

There are options for indoor seating, terrace seating, and take-out, which you can choose according to your mood and the weather. I tried the take-out option that day.

I ordered the "Whimsical 227 Plate Lunch" and the "Fresh Salad Lunch with Tohoku Vegetables". The "Whimsical 227 Plate Lunch" changes daily, and waiting for the staff's explanation is part of the fun. On the other hand, the "Fresh Salad Lunch with Tohoku Vegetables" was packed with plenty of vegetables and beautifully decorated with colorful, fresh local vegetables, which made me feel the blessings of spring.

Both dishes had plenty of local vegetables, and the flavor of the ingredients was well highlighted.
Sitting on a park bench, enjoying my lunch while gazing at the fresh greenery, enhanced the taste of the food.

The faint breeze, the chirping of birds from the park, and the aroma rising from the lunch in my hands. All these multiplied the deliciousness of the meal. It was a special lunchtime that satisfied both the heart and the stomach!

As a gateway to understanding the climate and ingredients of Tohoku

Route 227s' cafe TOHOKU by humming bird is a place where you can enjoy the four seasons of Sendai and local ingredients. This cafe, where you can experience both the nature of Sendai and dining at the same time, can be said to be an attractive spot for tourists. Also, the menu using local fresh ingredients makes you feel the local flavor of Japan and maximizes its charm.
It's an attractive cafe that makes you want to come back once you visit.

AccessJust out of Sendai City Subway Tozai Line, Koutoudai-Koen Station


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