Square Dorayaki as a souvenir

In the quiet center of Nakake Town, there is a Japanese confectionery shop named 'Ankoya' where you can purchase delicious Dorayaki. They offer a vibrant green Matcha Dorayaki, a savory walnut Dorayaki, and the classic Anko Dorayaki. They provide a variety of variations on a single product - Dorayaki. The captivating taste of their Dorayaki is waiting for you.


I was in the mood for some delicious souvenirs, so I visited 'ankoya Station Store'.

The shop is located in a corner of the Nakakakecho Center Street, just on the left as you enter the Happina Nakakakecho arcade from Sendai Station. There can be lines even before opening hours, and they often sell out early!

The Flavor of Red Bean Paste is Irresistible

This time, I purchased anko-dora, walnut-dora, and matcha-dora. The anko-dora enhances the essence of dorayaki, a traditional Japanese sweet, with its grainy red bean paste bursting in your mouth. The walnut-dora strikes a perfect balance with its subtle sweetness of red bean paste and the savory texture of walnuts.
The matcha-dora stands out with its excellent combination of red bean paste and matcha cream, making you want to reach for a second one. The modest sweetness of red bean paste and the rich matcha cream promises a blissful time spreading in your mouth.

Each handcrafted dorayaki is a luxury that can be savored with all senses, from sight to taste.

Its proximity to the station and easy access for sightseeing would also appeal to tourists.
Why not visit 'ankoya' in search of square dorayaki?

Shop Nameankoya Station Store
Location1-8-31 Nakakecho Center Street, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

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