A natural walking path that lets you forget the hustle and bustle of the city, Hirose River and Nishi Park

Hirose River and Nishi Park are places surrounded by nature where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a deep breath. The scenery created by the lush park and clear stream soothes the heart and allows you to experience the beauty of each season.


Hirose River and Nishi Park

Hirose River and Nishi Park, located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, are accessible in a short time by car or public transportation from Sendai Station. Easy accessibility from the city center is one of the attractions of this tourist spot.

Strolling while healed by clear streams and nature

Although it's located within Sendai city, it's a spot that can be called an urban paradise where you can fully enjoy nature.

Especially Hirose River, with its beautiful clear stream flowing through the city, is an ideal place for relaxation and walking. Nishi Park is a beautiful park with trees, a perfect spot to spend time leisurely. It allows you to feel the pleasant change of seasons.

Famous Places in the Surrounding Area

Sendai Castle Ruins: About 4 km from Hirose River and Nishi Park, about 10 minutes by car. It retains the strong atmosphere of an old castle and offers extensive views.
Jozenji-dori Street: A 5-minute walk from Nishi Park. It's a representative street of Sendai city, lined with beautiful tree-lined roads and various shopping spots.

Sendai Castle Ruins is often visited together with Hirose River and Nishi Park as a historical tourist site. The characteristic feature is that you can experience both nature and history in one day.
Jozenji-dori Street is an ideal place to stroll to Hirose River and Nishi Park after enjoying shopping and meals. You can spend a day of Sendai sightseeing where the liveliness of the city and the quietness of nature are exquisitely balanced.

Access to Nishi Park2 minutes walk from Omachi Nishi Koen station on Sendai Subway Tozai Line

The greatest attraction of Hirose River and Nishi Park is the easy access to nature. It's a special experience to be able to enjoy rich nature while in the city center. Moreover, with historical tourist spots and commercial facilities scattered around, it is excellent as a base for sightseeing. The changing scenery with each season is also a pleasure, and there will be new discoveries every time you visit. It's perfect for a stroll with family or friends, and you can spend a pleasant time. How about visiting in the middle of your journey?

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