Step through the curtain for a feast of delicacies, Shokutaku Shinogi

Located in the glittering backstreets of Sendai's Ichibancho, the standout "Shoku no Shokutaku Shinogi". In a corner of the beautiful city of Sendai, woven with rich greenery, you can encounter unique masterpieces found nowhere else.


Evening Drinks at Shinogi

Deepening bonds over delicious food - that's the experience at "Shokutaku Shinogi". Enjoy the comfortable service and sake, and look forward to exquisite gourmet offerings that color the night in Sendai.

Visiting this hidden gem in Ichibancho, Shinogi, the first thing you'll notice is the calming atmosphere and warm hospitality. And then comes the deliciousness that unfolds in each dish, a story in every plate. The personality of each dish and the balance overall achieve a perfect harmony.

The Ultimate Aji Fry

One particularly memorable dish was the "Ultimate Aji Fry". The superbly fresh horse mackerel is fried to a perfect medium-rare, creating a flavor that is truly exceptional. There is no fishy smell at all, and this Aji Fry, which seems like a different entity, makes you feel a new possibility for fried food. It goes well with a lemon sour!

Then there's the potato salad, grilled chicken, sashimi, all dishes taking full advantage of the quality of their ingredients. Pure rice ginjo goes down a treat.

Moreover, the staff at "Shokutaku Shinogi" have a wonderful consideration for each and every customer, ensuring a relaxed dining experience. "We'll prepare whatever dishes you want to eat, as long as we can make it," the spirit of Japanese hospitality breathes life into the restaurant, and you can spend a comfortable time with delicious food.

When visiting Sendai, be sure to stop by "Shokutaku Shinogi". You'll experience the unique dishes and heartfelt hospitality that can only be found here. It's sure to become one of the memories of your Sendai trip.

NameShinogi Ichibancho (Shinogi Main Store)
Address1-6-19 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, 1F Ichibankan Building
Access5-minute walk from Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station on the Subway Tozai Line

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