Discover new possibilities of Niboshi Ramen at Aramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama

Quietly nestled within the tranquil cityscape of Sendai, "Aramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama" offers a unique Niboshi Ramen that has won rave reviews from Ramen enthusiasts, made with their unique broth and soy sauce from Kagawa.


NameAramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama
Address171 Aramachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi

Aramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama

Located in Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai, is the Aramachi shopping district. This district is home to many ramen shops, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors. Today, we are visiting Fujiiyama, a restaurant known for its queues.

Rich Extra Mackerel and Refreshing White Fuji

The ramen ordered was "Special Extra Mackerel Noodles". The straight thin noodles and the soup that exudes the aroma of rich mackerel broth, centered on seafood flavor, spreads all over your mouth. The umami of the dried sardines deeply melts into this flavor, and you cannot forget the rich taste that you feel with each sip.

In addition, "Special White Fuji Noodles" is also a recommended bowl. This has a refreshing taste, but you can firmly feel the sweetness of dried sardines and mackerel. This simple yet deep-tasting ramen will surely captivate you.

The flavored eggs are exceptional.

Also, the "Flavored Replacement Noodles" are recommended. You can enjoy it in the style of oil noodles, or you can enjoy it in the style of dipping noodles by passing it through the soup, you can choose according to your mood.

"Aramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama" is a ramen shop that offers a bowl of noodles pursuing the possibility of new dried sardine ramen. The flavorful ramen and the calm atmosphere inside the store will surely be one of the highlights of your visit to Sendai. Please visit "Aramachi Shouten Chuka Soba Fujiiyama" at least once in search of delicious ramen.

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